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A Tribute to Jennifer Connelly -- site review

01/05/02 by Qubert

I have surfed a lot of web pages over the years. And being one to get hooked on various actresses and models over those same years, I have seen a lot of fan pages in my quest for photos and info. I have seldom discovered a page so lovingly and skillfully put together as A Tribute to Jennifer Connelly.

The site opens with a gorgeous image of Jennifer's face surrounded by links to all the major sections. The introduction describes what the designer feels about her, though you could easily have seen it in the care and detail of the site. All the major sections have been included, and the photo galleries are excellent (though a bit tough to navigate at first; I would have liked more info on the photo starting page).

I especially like the logical layout and the pleasing color scheme. You have links across the top and an even more complete list across the bottom of every page. The biography is complete and well-documented, including quotes from Jennifer interspersed throughout. The news is extremely up to date, too. Best of all, though: NO ADS! (wish I could say the same for me)

I love Jennifer Connelly, and I have for many years. This site does her justice and then some. Run, don’t walk to peruse it. . ..

[Editor's note:  In the months since I wrote this review, the site has been drastically re-designed.  It's better than ever! -- 10/26/02]


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