So you want to meet us?

Do you dare?


Don't let this fabulous prose fool you -- I may not be as brilliant as Driscoll, but let's just say I can tell you which came first: the chicken or the egg (I would explain it, but you are not ready).

Ever heard of Socrates? Aristotle? Morons! I taught Hawking to understand the heavens. I taught Clinton the principles of public speaking. I taught C.C. Deville to play guitar. (Not one of my better moments, I must admit.)

I often disagree with the pompous and self-righteous drivel of my friend, Driscoll, but I will try to behave myself in this public forum.

I have been a fan of the cinema for many years and have a little bit to say on the subject. I have opinions on a lot of other topics, as well, which I am fully confident that you will adore reading and share with all your friends. (insert subliminal suggestions here. . .)

Let me know what you think of the site. I welcome your comments, debate, and discussion.  Drop me a line at  And if you must know, my real name is Derrick Mims.  But you can call me Qubert.



Coming soon!

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