Space Time (2/9/02)

The Rock (Deep Ellum, TX) by Qubert

To begin:  These five guys are menacing.  They’re tall, or they’re stocky, or both.  They appear ready and able to back up their deep comments about life with a swift fist if need be.  Tonight was Space Time’s first show ever, and I could not get over their appearance -- at least, not until they started playing.  With a perfect Queensryche-style growl, the lead singer tore into covers of Dream Theatre and others.  Their playing was tight – I particularly thought the drummer rocked hard and steady.   

The non-“Prog Metal” covers were a joy, from a delightfully sludgy “Paint It Black” to a spot-on cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways,” played with irony-free enjoyment and jazzing up the late-night crowd.   Space Time liberally sprinkled originals amongst the covers.  The originals range from hard and heavy to melodic and heavy (let’s be honest – how much range is there really within this genre?).  The lyrics are generally interesting (see them at, treading philosophical paths blazed by Rush and others; they show real promise. 

My only real complaint grows out of the band’s inexperience.  The lead singer’s between-song banter left a bit to be desired, ranging from the obligatory “How y’all doing??!!” to some anecdote about writing a song while in the bathroom.   Chalk it up to needing practice.  I preferred it when they played, and the end of the 90-minute set came too soon.   

Two things happened to me at this show.  First, I realized that the lead singer’s voice was less Queensryche and more like the banshee wail of Ronny James Dio; it must have been when I couldn’t get “Holy Diver” out of my head during the show!.  Second, I think I will consider listening a bit more to “Prog Metal,” that stuffy, angry intellectual style popularized by bands like Dream Theatre and Queensryche.   

Perhaps after seeing or hearing Space Time (I believe an EP is coming soon), you will feel the same way. . .

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