My Third Message to You

by Qubert (10/25/02)

Okay, okay, so you may be a bit peeved that I haven't posted any new content in 60 days.  Maybe you're unhappy that the last new content I posted was only two articles, one of which I didn't even write. 

But wasn't the Cher Review good? 

And don't you like my smashing new layout?  Driscoll always thought the yellow fading thing reminded him a bit too much of someone peeing onto the paper, slowly spreading across the page and threatening to engulf the text.  And maybe reading it made you feel dirty, thanks to that urine color. 

Well, fear not!  You shan't have to wash your hands again after perusing ReviewAnything.  In keeping with the whimsical tone of this site, I have chosen a fun and perky template from my handy-dandy FrontPage system.  Kind of childlike, maybe, but lots of joy. 

I promise to do a better job of writing in the future.  To that end, I am considering a new format for some of my reviews, particularly of the film variety.  Driscoll came across about ten short reviews I had written three years ago.  One short paragraph drove really to the heart of each film.  I'll be posting those reviews soon.  In many ways, they're better than the essay-length stuff I have here.  I'll alternate the writing styles as I continue to tweak the navigation and layout. 

As always, I'd love to hear from you.  So be sure to email me.

See you around, True Believers. . .

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