My Second Message to You

by Qubert (6/16/02)

Well, friends, we made it through our first week.  While ReviewAnything has yet to make the massive splash it's destined to make, we did stake out our little corner of the Web.  Some of you did come visit.  And that makes us happy.  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you'll come see us again and again.  We've got some great new stuff this week, including a review of the film Memento and the first music review by my partner Driscoll. 

Enough of that.  You know I appreciate you.  I know you know.  Moving on. . .

You know what I did yesterday?  Hit baseballs at a batting cage.  Watched a local Instructional hockey league play a terrible game.  Checked into possibly starting ice skating lessons for a future position in that same terrible hockey league (though to be honest, I wouldn't mind taking a figure skating lesson or two, either -- too bad I can't seem to find men's figure skates in a size 15!).  Visited the library and checked out some books on gardening.  Ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant outside on a patio.  Went to hear some live music at a smoke-filled local dive full of overage, stained-toothed burnouts trying to land a lover.

What's the point, you ask?  I got out of the house!  I researched some possible new hobbies.  I got a little exercise.  I did not sit around at home all weekend watching videos or reading or fiddling with my computer.  My actions please me.  For the first time in many months, I did something useful and different on a Saturday. 

And to quote the great Jack in As Good As It Gets, "That makes me feel good about me."  So I am shouting it from the mountaintops! 

See you around, True Believers. . .

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