My First Message to You

by Qubert (6/8/02)

Those of you who know me may recall that I have been wanting to do a site like ReviewAnything for a long time.  If you don't know me, let me tell you something you won't find on the About Us page: I have been wanting to do a site like ReviewAnything for a long time.

I have delayed and delayed launching the site, to the point where most of you may not have believed it would ever exist.  I bought the domain  Then, I designed the site in Dreamweaver 3 for the Mac and later FrontPage XP.  I spent hours and hours working on the layout and getting my preliminary content put together.  I am no web designer, though, and the site looked like cat vomit -- check out a sample of my original layout!  I discovered the genius of the templates in FrontPage, and spent more and more hours redoing the links and layouts.    I didn't want to delay any longer.  So you are reading the first draft.  (Be sure to email me what you think.)

By now, you have discovered that I am currently using Tripod to host my page.  The popup ads suck worse than anything has ever sucked before.  I apologize.  (The banner ad option was worse.)  But, it's free.  And there are programs out there that will kill popups.  In the meantime, please be patient.  The site will migrate to another server before you can say "Milliways", and this unpleasantness will be all behind us.

In the meantime, look around.  See what we have to say.  Come back now and then, as we have big plans for ReviewAnything. 

What are those plans, you may well ask?  Check it out:


New reviews and top 5 lists added all the time.


Graphics and photos.  More graphics and photos!


Interactivity.  Surveys, discussion forums, you name it.


Guest columns.


Driscoll.  My partner Driscoll has been working up a bunch of content, especially in the music review arena.

See you around, True Believers. . .

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