5 Gorgeous Actresses You May Not Immediately Consider*

01/05/02 by Qubert


Anne Heche

Sure she may be a little weird and doesn’t have her sexuality sorted out (Ah, who am I kidding? That is a turn-on!), but from the first time I saw her in Volcano, it was love. She’s got an androgynous charm mixed with a face sculpted from perfect marble.

Emma Thompson

I have loved Emma for nearly a decade. Perhaps her thoroughly British dignity appeals to my anglophilia. Perhaps her slightly flawed smile or her ability to clown in films like Junior next to Merchant-Ivory roles did it for me?

Jennifer Connelly

She reminds me a bit of a girl I dated in college, and she has a name I have always loved. Jennifer’s features come straight from the classic Hollywood beauties, innocent and yet darkly sexy.

Naomi Watts

Never heard of her before tonight, when I saw the brilliant Mulholland Drive. She’s fresh and perky, like a younger Tea Leoni, but also diverse in her skills (see the movie!) and a little bit scary. Naomi, you have a new fan tonight!

Julia Stiles

Is it the perpetual youth or the slightly mannish voice? Julia has always come across as more mature and together than most of her young peers. And even if she does not dance as gracefully as she carries herself, I still love it when she dances!

*"Some I consider my girlfriends. And some I just consider."

-- Judd Nelson, The Breakfast Club

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