5 TV Chicks Who Kick Butt

04/07/02 by Qubert

There are all kinds of women on TV.  Many are lovely.  But the ones who are sexy, strong, and tough as nails are my favorites.  Below are some of the best:


Jennifer Garner

I have never seen "Alias" before tonight. But I am hooked. She's gorgeous and tough, but with that little soft side I like.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy! Teen angst and monster-hunting. One of the best TV shows made in the 90's, if not ever. She can slay me any time. . .

Eliza Dushku

Hate to return to the land of Buffy in only a top 5 list, but how can we forget Faith? She kicks major butt and always manages to attract the boys at the same time.

Gillian Anderson

As the skeptical surgeon-turned-UFO-hunter Dana Scully on the "X-Files", Gillian Anderson personifies one of the best female characters ever for TV. Scully gets into trouble from time to time (small women without Buffy-like powers can't always win), but she also fights her way out of her share of trouble. How many times has she saved Mulder, after all? The truth is out there, and it is that Dana Scully rules!

Diana Rigg

Ah, a goddess among us. The only woman ever good enough to actually make James Bond marry her. But as Mrs. Emma Peel of "The Avengers", she created the archetypal perfect woman: stylish, brilliant, witty, and always able to fight her way through any match. The other greatest female TV character (with Scully). Oh, to be John Steed and spend every day with her. . .

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